Photography | 2 shots in Black&White

It was interesting moment. At twice... :)

Photography | Tiny Part of Viborg

Our mini trip to Viborg. Pretty nice weather has met us :)

Photography | Fountain in Saint-Petersburg

I walked by Elagin island and saw interesting view. Warm summer light run from dynamic water of fountains. It was be something like that =)

And there is another fountain with rainbow

Wirefall | 3D Environment sketch

Wires. A lot of wires. More wires! :)

Snow Mountain | Hi-Poly 3D Model

Hello everyone! Recently I was inspired by mountains and cliffs. And then I decided to create some mountains in snow. This mesh is Hi-Poly model with 2 different materials which blended through the mask bitmap. 
Model available on

My Fall | Romantic 3d Composition

Hello everyone! In September I was inspired by romantic mood and some youthful memories. And then I decided to create 3d composition on this thematic. Like in the days when I was a young teenager...
Also I want to present you interactive 3d Model below My Fall by Igor Novik on Sketchfab

Substance Painter PBR textures convert to Corona renderer materials

Hi everyone! I am working in "Allegorithmic Substance Painter" regularly. It is incredible, amazing and powerfull tool for creation realistic or stylized textures. At the final of workflow it able to export textures with vast options maps.
Often I am using Corona renderer in 3Ds MAX 2018 for Stand-alone rendering. I love it. It is user friendly tool, powerfull and very iteractive. When I am exporting textures from Substance Painter with default preset "Corona" I have 6 textures:
• Diffuse map
• Glossiness map • IOR map • Normal map • Reflection map • Height map This 6 textures are enough to create Corona material in 3Ds MAX. But in every case I needed to fix  maps to succeed same result between "Substance Painter" PBR viewport and Stand-alone 3Ds MAX Corona render. Usually I have fixed the gamma value or exposition the maps. It wastes some time. And the result be able to a different than in "Substance Painter" preview.  For example I have made …