Crystal Sword | 3D Model (PBR Workflow)

I like crystals. One day a idea came up to me. It was of a sword forged from gems. I noticed this little idea. Recently I realized the idea
Crystal Sword by Igor Novik on Sketchfab

Thank you for watching! 

First week of September | Photography

Today was a beautiful sunset.

Another Petersburg | Photography

I decided to walk by center tonight. Good decision for relax after work day. My passion to Petersburg grew to love.

Master of the yard | Photography

Today we walked at the streets, enjoyed last summer days and than gone into the old yard. There was some interesting picture... :)

2 shots in Black&White | Photography

It was interesting moment. At twice... :)

Tiny Part of Viborg | Photography

Our mini trip to Viborg. Pretty nice weather has met us :)

Fountain in Saint-Petersburg | Photography

I walked by Elagin island and saw interesting view. Warm summer light run from dynamic water of fountains. It was be something like that =)

And there is another fountain with rainbow