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Hello World (:

Hello World! (:

This is my first Blog Post! I am CG Artist, who mostly work with 3D. From childhood's hour I've been interested in computer graphics. Therefore I would like to dedicate my blog to this topic.
I am inspired by Sci-Fi, magic worlds from fantasy or fairy tales, mysticism. This is where I can let my imagination run wild and do my best.
I live Belarus, and my native language is Russian, but I'm going to write this blog in English for the following reasons:
  • Ever since I love this language. Maybe it is because first videogames come from the West and all of them were in English. And my favorite cartoons also were produced by Disney, Marvel, DC Comics and so on and so on.
  • All Software for 2D and 3D work is mostly in English
  • English language is an international language. I think this is the main reason. I hope my blog will give me an opportunity to make new friends between people with similar interests, to share my thoughts and art on the global level. And increase my English level of course !  =)

Thanks for the reading! Have a nice day (: !


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Substance Painter PBR textures convert to Corona renderer materials

Hi everyone! I am working in "Allegorithmic Substance Painter" regularly. It is incredible, amazing and powerfull tool for creation realistic or stylized textures. At the final of workflow it able to export textures with vast options maps.
Often I am using Corona renderer in 3Ds MAX 2018 for Stand-alone rendering. I love it. It is user friendly tool, powerfull and very iteractive. When I am exporting textures from Substance Painter with default preset "Corona" I have 6 textures:
• Diffuse map
• Glossiness map • IOR map • Normal map • Reflection map • Height map This 6 textures are enough to create Corona material in 3Ds MAX. But in every case I needed to fix  maps to succeed same result between "Substance Painter" PBR viewport and Stand-alone 3Ds MAX Corona render. Usually I have fixed the gamma value or exposition the maps. It wastes some time. And the result be able to a different than in "Substance Painter" preview.  For example I have made …

Wooden wine barrels | PBR Low-Poly 3D model

The best house for wine is a wooden barrel! :)
Originally, I wanted to to draw old wine barrel but in the process of creating I decided to draw 3 options: a new, an older and the oldest barrel.
Also you can watch the model in interactive 3d view in the Sketchfab. Just press play!
Wooden wine barrels by Igor Novik on Sketchfab
Model has prepared for real-time engines. All materials based on PBR textures.

"A New barrel" has 764 triangles. "An Older barrel" with a bung has 810 triangles. "The oldest barrel" on legs and with a bung, tan has 1420 triangles.
In the next renders you can see the barrels on the details.

Space Warplanes | Unity Low-Poly mobile casual concept of game (package of 2D & 3D Art)

One of the my favorite subject of art is Sci-Fi. New technologies are inspiring me! I am truly love dreaming about future.
I want to present you little package with 3d models and 2d arts for casual mobile game. In this game main player flies across infinity space and fights with his enemies.
I have drawn 4 similar backgrounds. The images are horizontally tileable. This images ideal fit for mobile game. 3D model of Player designed for 3 upgrades and 3 bonus improvements. First level - a simple spaceship with one gun in the center. Second level adds wings for our spaceship and two guns on it. Third level changes two guns to two lasers.  Also in the process of gaming there are bonus weapons in the playground. One of them is an impenetrable shield. He gives immortality for player and chance to smash all enemies in the playground. There is the Ion beam gun. It is the biggest beam which shaves all in his way. Also you can find rockets in the playground. It is additional attack with explosi…