Space Warplanes | Unity Low-Poly mobile casual concept of game (package of 2D & 3D Art)

One of the my favorite subject of art is Sci-Fi. New technologies are inspiring me! I am truly love dreaming about future.
I want to present you little package with 3d models and 2d arts for casual mobile game. In this game main player flies across infinity space and fights with his enemies.
I have drawn 4 similar backgrounds. The images are horizontally tileable. This images ideal fit for mobile game.
3D model of Player designed for 3 upgrades and 3 bonus improvements.
First level - a simple spaceship with one gun in the center.
Second level adds wings for our spaceship and two guns on it.
Third level changes two guns to two lasers. 
Also in the process of gaming there are bonus weapons in the playground.
One of them is an impenetrable shield. He gives immortality for player and chance to smash all enemies in the playground.
There is the Ion beam gun. It is the biggest beam which shaves all in his way.
Also you can find rockets in the playground. It is additional attack with explosions.
For this concept of game I decided to create 3 very different enemies.
One of them is space Kamikaze. He look like a meteorite ever rams the Player. Sometimes the Kamikaze has a mine. Before he flies in the Player he leaves the mine in playground.
Another enemy is Freezer. It is very slowly and armored guy. He is trying to get close to the Player and freeze him.
Also there is Teleportator. At the first glance he seems simple and harmless. But he is able to activate portal and replace Player to another position.
All models based on PBR textures. PolyCount of models is extremely small.
The project has packed to Unity package and available on:



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