3Ds MAX 2020 Working in Expert mode. Be efficient. Be an expert! | Video Tutorial

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3Ds MAX seems like an immense program. In fact, it is. I like 3Ds graphics and my the main tool is 3Ds Max. I use it every day. Even on weekends. This is old software and it has a bunch of flaws. There is also a huge advantage. But one of the drawbacks is the cumbersome user interface. This is true. It's hard to argue. An attempt to please old users and bring innovations to the program leads to a heap of features and buns, as well as the preservation of old tools. As a decision to work in an expert mode. So-called expert mode.
What is called by the key "Ctrl + alt + X". After switching to this mode, nothing is displayed in the viewport. Very often I work this way and want to share recommendations, tips from my workflow in expert mode 3Ds Max 2020 version. I am considering the latest version, so this is the current version. If you work on later versions, there may be some functions that may not be there. This is for you the very little things that are neglected in the discussions of the latest 3Ds Max updates.
Talk that there are no significant changes and there is no point in updating. Well this is a controversial statement! With each update, I try to understand what the developer wanted to change or improve with this update. Why they suggest other approaches to work, consider them the best.
You know? It fit to me. I will explain why. And I hope they become clear to you too. Come in handy in everyday professional work, and will also give a better understanding of the tool, its study, if you are a complete beginner.
When working in expert mode, the focus on what you are doing is increasing first. Art, design or engineering idea, no difference. In front of you is a full-screen canvas. And at first it scares, because all the buttons have disappeared. and you’ll have to use hot keys that you need to remember. It may be so. but now a lot of things have been added and improved to work in Expert mode. Not just hotkeys.

A very rich flexible context menu that is called by the right mouse button. Hotkeys have become much easier to locate and assign. This greatly contributes to the memorization or simple search for the necessary functions in a particular task. Also in the 3Ds Max 2020 version with the latest updates, the function of assigning keys is redesigned.

Absolutely all functions are well and quickly found using the search tool, third-party plugins and scripts are also located. it is a very powerful tool that saves you from remembering a bunch of information. And you just need to remember roughly what functions how they work and how they are called. Search also helps to remember hot keys. And about all this I would like to tell in more detail to explain and show how I use in my daily work as a 3D artist. I will not touch on other professions, such as animation, rendering, special effects, because I’m only familiar with this but I don’t use it every day. Therefore, some principles that may be applicable to the workflow of these industries, and which are not there. In any case, it is very important for the artist to see the picture as a whole very often, if not always. And not dig into a bunch of technical parts.

This is facilitated by the expert mode, displaying mainly only the 3Ds Max viewport. If you discovered 3Ds Max for yourself just now and think that it is too difficult and does not suit you, then this is an obstacle that can be overcome even after and reap the fruits of your hard work. It’s not so difficult to start learning in expert mode, or maybe even more efficiently and better, because the learning of 3D Max will not take place on the basis of the “click on that icon” principle, but by a conscious choice and search, remembering the tools you need. Well, they drove to work as experts. 
All lesson is available on the video. Thank you for watching and good luck!


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