Urbanism in Saint-Petersburg

The city has its own pleasant life. Independent, rich and mysterious. A huge number of people yearn for cities, and an even greater number of people yearn for megacities. They are what gives these spaces their dynamism and expressiveness. 

This is one of the reasons why I love wandering aimlessly around the city so much. I love walking through familiar streets, exploring unknown corners, observing from the sidelines what's going on and what's happening. My two-wheeled friend often helps me in this uncomplicated activity. With him, my curiosity usually expands. It's cool to see such a familiar place from the other side or at a different time.

St. Petersburg Ring Road Bridge St. Petersburg bypass road large bridge modern photo Igor Novik

On this rainy autumn evening it is pleasant and warm to recall such moments. At the end of summer, one warm day, I rode my favorite bicycle around St. Petersburg along the Neva River toward the south. And I reached the ringway, to the bridge that so often catches my eyes, but remains forgotten. That day it appeared to me in a different way - very powerful and graceful. I really liked this moment and decided to save it on the "film".

urban landscape St. Petersburg under the bridge industrial urbanism photo Igor Novik

The largest St. Petersburg's bridge left me with strong impressions and I began to notice interesting pictures for myself. On another summer day, riding my bike again, I liked the "picture" under the bridge by the Neva river. A continuous row of old cast-iron parts mixed with old brutal concrete rushed into the distance across the river. The shadows, which were laid out as if to play along with this brisk rhythm, blended in perfectly with this clique.

Under the bridge St. Petersburg Peterburg St. Petersburg evening city night canal photo Igor Novik

Toward evening, the heart of the city begins to live an especially contrasting and colorful life. Warm illumination, reflections on the water of rivers and canals, a turquoise-purple sky slowly creeping over the horizon, changing to deep blue - all these details create an indescribable comfort. Yellow and blue colors begin to dominate the palette and set a different rhythm to the streets. Some places that looked plain and dull on a clear day become cheerful and graceful.

Text editor Alexandra Novik.


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